Selasa, 23 Ogos 2011

Angry Bird Rio + Patch

Review : 
When developer Rovio first announced a partnership with 20th Century Fox to put out a special edition of Angry Birds to tie-in with the upcoming film Rio, we were a little curious about what that might mean. Would it be Angry Birds gameplay with Rio characters? Would the two worlds come together somehow? And what of the pigs? Now that Angry Birds Rio has finally arrived, our questions have been answered.
The third instalment in the Angry Birds franchise (if you don’t count the series endless supply of free updates),Angry Birds Rio inserts the characters from Angry Birds into the plot of Rio, a film about two blue macaws who are birdnapped and need to make an escape. The gameplay remains largely the same, with players putting some familiar feathered friends into a slingshot and aiming them at structures in order to kill pigs and complete the level. The only real difference is that instead of pigs you’ll be freeing caged birds and taking out monkeys.

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